A practical solution for window decoration: Japanese Washi paper canvases
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Handcrafted Washi paper is resistant to any mechanical stress, it is suitable for those who share the ideas of eco-design. Washi paper is made with a patented lamination technology and is water resistant, which makes it suitable for use in such environments as the bathroom and pool area. The systems can be used both for window decoration and as decorative partitions.

Washi paper systems will surely be appreciated by lovers of Japanese minimalism, in which special attention is paid to the play of light and shadow. All Concept M products can be easily integrated into the smart home system, allowing you to customize the lighting level you want.

Wood & Washi products are presented in four variations: panel, roll and vertical banner systems, as well as Flow Shades systems. The latter option allows you to independently move various parts of the canvas up and down in the vertical direction, which makes it possible, if desired, to close or leave open only a certain part of the window.

One of the easiest ways to update your interior is to order new curtains or blinds. For the summer season, options with a light, but at the same time not letting the sun's rays through, are suitable. The optimal solution can be innovative systems made of Japanese Washi paper, which is produced in the Land of the Rising Sun from the bark of the kozo bark. Canvases made of this material are produced by the Dutch company Wood & Washi, whose products in Russia are represented by the Concept M design bureau.

Despite the fact that the new Moscow bureau showroom is now closed, you can always place an online order on the website and order the delivery of vertical and horizontal blinds, roll-up systems, sliding panel systems and other goods. You can also contact Concept M managers, and they will help you make the necessary measurements, as well as prepare a unique offer and make an online calculation. You can visit the showroom of the Concept M design bureau immediately after the end of the quarantine.


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