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Blackout Textures

A prerequisite for healthy sleep is the absence of light, which interferes with the production of melatonin and does not allow the body to completely relax. Wood & Washi rollo, panel and flow equipped with blackout Textures will help to create the ideal degree of illumination for quality relaxation.

The unparalleled blackout fabric makes the room impervious to light. The canvas is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. It has three layers. The first one faces the window space and absorbs light rays entering the room. The middle layer makes the canvas heat-resistant and non-combustible, which means it is as safe as possible. The third layer has a textile base. It is directed directly to the room and plays rather a decorative function. Like the other layers, it enhances the overall opacity.

Blackout has excellent soundproofing properties. This enables sleep not only in a soothing darkness, but also in silence, since the sound absorption coefficient of the blackout is 30%. Another indisputable advantage of the canvas is the preservation of the optimal temperature regime in the room.

Blackout features resistance to mechanical damage and durability. The canvas does not fade under the influence of sunlight, it does not need to be ironed or washed, as the material repels dirt. Like other canvases from Wood & Washi, blackout is characterized by a unique oriental aesthetics and sophistication. The texture of the canvas is very tactile to the touch.

Atmospheric twilight as designers intend it

Blackout is an excellent solution for decorating window spaces not only in the bedroom, but also in the living room equipped with a home theater or projector. Providing muted darkness, the canvas will allow you to enjoy your favorite films as if you are in a real cinema, and create a unique atmosphere of romance. In office spaces, blackout can be used for conference rooms where presentations are held and projection equipment is used. Blackout is indispensable in meditation rooms: the light-blocking three-layer structure of the canvas will help you relax after a busy day and catch Zen.

Control the light with Wood & Washi

Models, in which the main canvas is blackout, are comfortable and easy to use. If desired, they can be integrated into the Smart Home intelligent solution. Thanks to this, biorhythms can be synchronized with natural ones: at a set time, for example, at dawn, the canvases will rise, letting in the first morning rays, and in the evening, with the onset of twilight, blackout will help you prepare for sleep as harmoniously and comfortably as possible.