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Wood & Washi banner radically changes the look at the usual vertical blinds. Created with an exceptional and unique aesthetics rooted in the ancient culture of Japan, the panels not only decorate, but transform the space.

Wood & Washi's banner panels, crafted from unique Japanese paper and featuring anodized aluminum dividing ribs, take banner to a whole new level of aesthetics, making it stand out from the standard blinds range with a unique design with elements of strict elegance.

A wide range of fabrics, textures and patterns offered for the development of solutions helps to organize a unique space, taking into account the specifics of the interior design of the whole house and personal preferences. Wood & Washi offers the execution of banner in a single color, as well as options for the combination of contrasting colors and patterns. In addition, a unique design of the solution can be configured in order to harmoniously complement a space, without limits to the imagination.

Unique style, natural materials, respect for traditions combined with the use of the most advanced technologies in the design of spaces - all this allows the canvases to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding customers.

Wide application possibilities
The ability to integrate into the smart home solution
Various degrees of transparency
Scattering effect
Individual models
Easy care
Moisture resistance
Decorating with slats of various designs
Hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly product


Thanks to the use of a counterbalance solution, the movable curtains can be easily moved across the entire width, even with large dimensions.

The counterweight, combined with the filigree ceiling profile of anodized aluminum, provides a stylish and modern window solution.

Banner in interiors

Examples of the implementation of Wood & Washi Rollo in interior projects.

implementation preview
Wood & Washi offers this type of solution with different materials that will fit into different interiors and also satisfy different tastes.
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The materials used for the production of solutions allow you to apply any image to them.


Mount and control

The slats divide the vertical blinds into separate areas (intervals / gaps). The gap size is based on the height of the vertical blinds, with a maximum gap of 88 cm. For vertical blinds, 1 to 4 gaps can be used.

Other solutions