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Flow horizontal panels

For more than 10 years, Wood & Washi Flow has set the standard for progressive window design. These products combine unique oriental aesthetics with modern technology and impeccable workmanship. A large selection of colors, textures and shapes allows to choose the optimal solution for windows in residential and office premises.

Wall mounting

Lightweight and elegant wall mounting meets the latest interior design trends and promotes ultimately functional use of Flow.


Flexibility, strength and reliability combined. Due to ceiling mounting, Flow can be installed in any part of a room, at any height.

By choosing Flow, a unique quality and functionality with impressive performance is obtained.


Flow screens can be driven by counterweights. No extra effort is required to change the system position: even a child can handle Flow easily. Wood & Washi specialists will gladly guide through intricacies of the system use, and help to adjust to the individual characteristics of each interior. Ease of use and convenience is high priority.

Smart interior design

Due to high manufacturability, Wood & Washi products can be easily integrated into a Smart Home intelligent system. Therefore, it’s possible to move screens and change space lighting levels with one button on a phone, tablet or other device.

Wood & Washi Flow can be equipped with electric motors that allow to control screen positions using a remote or an app installed on an electronic device. One press of a button on the remote or phone screen – and the space starts to change.