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Main Rollo

Rollo is the roll-up system, suitable for decoration of any type of windows. Weightless and elegant, they are a brilliant alternative to drapes and heavy curtains. An undisputed advantage of Rollo is four ways of mounting.


Standard mount with great strength and flexibility. It meets modern interior design trends and allows to use the Rollo system as efficiently as possible.


Such type of mounting allows to decorate variously shaped windows and to fix the Rollo systems at an appropriate height.

Split rollo

This type of mounting enables to connect separate Rollo elements by installing them on the same guidance rail.

Niche mounting

Great for proper space zoning, it allows to securely fix a system in an opening of any width.

Standard mounts


Long brackets are a perfect addition to Rollo’s longer than 2 meters. They allow to fix the system on the ceiling or on the wall. Both manually operated and automatically controlled Rollo’s are equipped with brackets.

Round side bracket

The best way to mount Rollo in the window space is with round side bracket made from high quality aluminum. The 40 mm bracket disc will surely become an elegant interior design detail. The equivalent bracket for Rollo with electric operation is slightly bigger: it’s diameter is 44.5 mm and it looks just as elegant and aesthetically pleasant.

Cassette decorative mounting system

Flexible use, flawless quality and versatility. When producing mounting systems, exceptionally durable materials are applied suitable for any mechanical stress.

Wall mounted cassette: A150

Mounting deco profile (Wall/Ceiling mounting): B250

Ceiling mounted cassette: D350

Split options for A150, B250 and D350

Casing mount

Ceiling casing

Several combined Rollo’s, up to 600 cm wide, can be installed in the casing.

Mounting profile

Several combined Rollo’s, can be installed at the mounting profile

230 Volt motor or built-in battery

Rollo can be driven by a small motor or compact built-in battery. Due to this, operation of Rollo demands no effort and the products themselves are the optimal solution for any interior.

Smart interior design

Due to high manufacturability, Wood & Washi products can be easily integrated into a Smart Home intelligent system. Therefore, it’s possible to move screens and change space lighting levels with one button on a phone, tablet or other device.

Rollo can be equipped with electric motors that allow to control screen positions using a remote or an app installed on an electronic device. One press of a button on the remote or phone screen – and the space starts to change.