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Interior design is becoming more and more laconic - and largely due to the influence of Japan. The symbol of Japanese minimalism, in addition to tatami, is shoji, Washi paper partitions. In a traditional Japanese house, they often played the role of both the window and the front door. In Europe, such partitions did not take root, except in stylized interiors, but the designers appreciated the approach and gladly began to decorate the interiors with curtains made of Washi laminated paper.

Washi's amazing ability to beautifully let in natural light, her durability and environmental friendliness made it desirable guest in the interior. Curtains made of such paper look emphatically modern, but in fact the technology of its production is one and a half thousand years old. Washi paper, from which the Dutch company Wood & Washi makes curtains, is known for at least from the 6th century. Today, as in the ancients times, it is made by hand from the bark of the bark of difficult to cultivate shrubs kozo, mitsumata and gampi. Washi papermaking technology is inscribed on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Wood & Washi orders original paper from Japan, laminates and complements it with fittings from the Netherlands. (Anodized aluminum horizontal slats are not just a patented decorative element - they make the structure heavier, ensuring that the curtain adheres to the window.) On the market 4 models of systems are presented: Rollo (roll curtains), Panel (panels), Banner (vertical blinds) and Flow (a system of independently moving horizontal canvases). All systems window space design is absolutely customized, handcrafted and offered in a variety of shades and textures with the following options: laminated, super laminated, with matching print and perforation.

Laconic curtains made of Japanese Washi paper create an atmosphere of purity, tranquility and tranquility

On the territory of the Russian Federation, systems decorating window space made of paper Washi can be ordered from an exclusive partner by Wood & Washi - a design bureau Concept M.

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