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The attention of numerous visitors was attracted by the products of window space decoration presented at the exhibition from the Concept M design bureau using systems from the Dutch company Wood & Washi. Architects, decorators and other specialists in the construction and interior field were able to familiarize themselves with the unique design of the stand of the Concept M design bureau. Professional designers got the opportunity to see well-thought-out author's interior concepts - innovative roll-up systems, sliding panels, vertical banners and other products in the original Japanese style.

The large-scale exposition of products at the thematic stand of the Concept M design bureau attracted the interest of visitors to BATIMAT RUSSIA, primarily due to the flexibility of the design functionality and the use of decor elements.

What will happen if a multi-thousand-year tradition Japanese decor will connect with innovative technologies and current trends modern design? A unique approach to the design of the space, the key values of which will be laconicism, multifunctionality and ease of use. The bearer of these qualities is Dutch company Wood & Washi, already has been creating roller blinds, vertical panels and blinds for over 20 years, as well as horizontal panel systems Flow Japanese Washi paper

Wood & Washi not only decorate, but transform the premises - from apartments, studio spaces and country houses to large-scale commercial pavilions. Lightness is at the heart of the brand's philosophy and a personal approach to any client. Simply put, there is nothing impossible for Wood & Washi: they can completely change the usual idea of space and its registration.

What is the company's secret? It lies in a tradition rooted in ancient civilization Japan: it was there that more than 2,000 years ago unique Washi paper created - incredible thin, transparent and at the same time very durable. Using this paper as an interior solution and in art calligraphy was a privilege of the imperial dynasty and those close to the court. Many centuries later, papermaking technology Washi was included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List, but has not lost its relevance as an authentic decor element.

The amazing properties of Japanese paper were adopted by Wood & Washi, to change the usual approach to curtains and the design of window spaces. All products are made by hand, and each a separate model is created based on the personal requests of the client. Unchanged one thing remains - environmental friendliness of curtains, their excellent quality, excellent light transmission and, of course, unique aesthetics.

Wood & Washi entered the Russian market relatively recently, thanks to the design bureau Concept M - the only official representative of Washi Eco-philosophy in our country. Look at the variety of products and touch the centuries-old Japanese tradition in a technological Dutch performance can be found in the Concept M showroom.

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