Less Is More: How to Decorate with Japanese Minimalism
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Genuine luxury is more than just being able to surround yourself with the things you want. It is important that all these items are “the same” - modern, functional, ideal in terms of design and manufacturability. In this sense, the Japanese minimalist take on space design best reflects the concept of modern luxury.

Concept M knows this firsthand: they produce the invariable attribute of a minimalist interior - roller blinds made of the unique Japanese Washi paper. Washi is handcrafted from mulberry wood using ancient technology. This paper has amazing strength - once it was even used for the shell of balloons. Such paper was used to make mobile Japanese shoji screens, and Rembrandt and Picasso used it for their etchings and drawings.

Washi paper is the main component of roller blinds manufactured by Concept M. The original fabric is laminated with a thin film of 0.2 mm to make the paper moisture resistant and resistant to mechanical damage. The pieces of paper are separated by thin strips that can be made of wood or aluminum. The company offers a large assortment of natural restrained colors that will organically look in the interior in the spirit of Japanese minimalism. Roller blinds in any case will look interesting due to the unusual texture of Washi paper, which can resemble a variety of materials - from textiles to stone.

"Japanese minimalism is, first of all, culture, traditions, centuries-old history. All this is reflected in ascetic interior solutions: a minimum of items, sliding partitions on the windows, from which magnificent views open. At the same time, the interiors are precisely minimalistic, not empty. This Japanese concept of minimalism is due to spiritual teachings. Buddhism, in various forms woven into the culture of Japan, bequeathed to be content with what you have. Lack of fulfillment is one of the three characteristics of existence in Buddhism. "

Alexey Nikolashin: "Undoubtedly, paper roller blinds without frills and folds are suitable for a minimalistic interior. Such an interior perfectly combines natural materials such as wood and stone. Curtains made of Washi paper will not stand out from the general style."

Manufacturability is an important part of the lifestyle of modern Japanese people. That is why even in their homes, where much reminds of unity with nature, the Japanese use automated systems. Concept M roller blinds can be easily integrated into your smart home system. This is a simple and technologically advanced ability to control the level of lighting without the use of heavy curtains and curtains. The most modern technologies, combined with traditions dating back to the distant past, form a timeless object that fits perfectly into a laconic interior.

Alexey Nikolashin: "Minimalism can be an organic component of a new suite. The really best examples of modern luxury interiors have a sense of harmony, an understanding of simplicity, they show the idea and talent of a designer. Modern and successful people are usually highly educated, they have seen a lot throughout the world, so they can correctly appreciate and enjoy minimalism. "

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