Green philosophy
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Despite the rapid development of technology, simple things such as home, family, health and the environment are still important for humans. Today, as never before, we strive for harmony with ourselves and nature. An eco-style interior can be the starting point for a new healthy lifestyle and conscious consumption. This design is distinguished by a calm color palette and the use of natural materials - everything should look natural. Sand, terracotta and coniferous shades will look harmonious. When choosing furniture and finishing materials, you should give preference to natural wood, stone and fabrics. What about decorative items?

Concept M offers a stylish and laconic solution for window decoration from Wood & Washi, which will suit connoisseurs of comfort and eco-design. The brand was inspired to create a collection of window decoration systems by shoji - traditional Japanese doors made of wood frame and durable washi paper, which is now a UNESCO cultural heritage site. Wood & Washi paper is made in Japan from wild-growing kozo shrubs, and the rest of the parts are made in Holland.

The translucent curtain material creates soft, diffused light in the house, but at the same time allows you to hide from prying eyes. Panels are available in several designs, including the heavy-duty Washi LWX series laminated paper. The panels themselves can be combined in color and texture. The brand's roller blinds are combined with each other, but can be adjusted separately, so they are perfect for casement windows and doors.

The eco-movement is also gaining momentum in interior design. The quality and origin of materials came to the fore, so new solutions for decorating space became relevant.

Flow systems, in turn, are equipped with side weights that are safe for children. Thanks to the intuitive operation and simplicity of design, Wood & Washi window decoration systems will help to create a cozy atmosphere without unnecessary details and perfectly complement the eco-style interior.