For apartments and country houses: a new trend in window decoration
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For a person who grew up in traditional European interiors, Japanese aesthetics seem too simple and ascetic. We tell you how the designers managed to make friends with Western functionality and come up with a window design that gives peace and comfort to the house.

Curtains are the final touch in the decoration of the room, but it is important to think over their design, the choice of materials right away in order to create a harmonious and stylish framing of windows. The main thing is not to get lost in the variety of curtain models and materials, plus take into account the nuances of their use.

In addition to appearance, ease of use and health safety become important. And here the curtains also lose: the cloth retains small dust particles, therefore, even when washing 3-4 times a year, they are not suitable for homes where allergy sufferers live. The same can be said about horizontal blinds made of wood or plastic - they are quite problematic to keep clean.

It is not easy to choose the design for panoramic windows: the design of Roman blinds does not allow making a single canvas of non-standard sizes, maximum width and practically unlimited height, and vertical blinds resemble an office. Therefore, decorators are always looking for new stylish options and harmonious solutions.

Japanese aesthetics - what's trending today

World designers and architects are increasingly turning to oriental philosophy and aesthetics. And this applies not only to architecture, but also to interiors. The trend is minimalistic, eco-friendly and easy-to-care things, the desire to create that special kind of beauty that you can not only see, but also feel.

We live in an era of an overabundance of information, all kinds of signals, in shops and offices we are blinded by bright, artificial light - all this has a bad effect on our nervous system and deprives us of sleep. The designers are sure: the house should be a place where worries go into the background, where comfortable furniture arrangement, natural safe finishing materials, and eye-pleasing lighting will be at your disposal.

Therefore, when decorating a window, designers also turn to Japanese philosophy and aesthetics: they add soothing shadows and rich textures to the interior, abandon mass-produced products in favor of unique individual items.

For example, they decorate windows with curtains made of Japanese Washi paper. The inspiration for them was the traditional Japanese shoji - partitions that divide space, doors and windows, consisting of transparent or translucent paper attached to a wooden frame. Wood & Washi has combined Japan's thousands of years of experience in papermaking with modern Western technology to create curtains that seamlessly blend into the interior and add a sense of comfort and peace.
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