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A fresh breath of the energy of life and creativity for a modern interior.

Wood & Washi believes that the uniqueness of an interior is in its details. That is why every Wood & Washi product is thought out to the smallest detail. Starting from the choice of the base - the bast of wild Japanese shrubs, to the variety of forms of its use and an individual approach to solving the interior of any complexity.

Taking into account the peculiarities of each client's request, the most advantageous and non-standard options are selected for using Wood & Washi systems. One thing remains unchanged: their quality, durability, functionality and, of course, unique aesthetics.


How to make a canvas made of a unique material even more exquisite and inimitable? Apply perforations of different shapes and sizes to it. Perforation makes any design project even more thoughtful and sophisticated.

There is a choice of four shapes that can be applied to the canvas in different ways.

5 x 5 squares 2.5 x 2.5 cm spaced 2 cm apart
7 x 7 squares 1 x 1 cm spaced 2 cm apart
2 x 7 rectangles 1.5 x 7.3 cm spaced 2 cm apart
3 x 10 rectangles 0.5 x 2.4 cm spaced 2 cm apart

Location on the canvas

Each Wood & Washi product can be made in different densities. How light is scattered in the room depends on this. The denser the chosen canvas, the more subdued the lighting will be. If maximum light transmission is desired, Wood & Washi can make additional perforations on any product: with this the desired level of illumination is guaranteed. Perforation changes the texture of the canvas, making it more refined and effective. Thanks to the application of perforations of different shapes, a unique play of light and shadow is achieved.

Methods for applying perforation on screens

Perforations can be cut in three ways: 10 cm from the outside left edge, in the center, and 10 cm from the outside right edge.

Multiple perforations can be applied next to each other or one below the other.

Methods for cutting die cuts on curtains

To achieve extra special effects and transparency, die-cutting shapes can be punched in Washi panels. This allows to keep the space intact, while letting in more light. In addition to this practicality, it is also surprisingly aesthetically pleasing, will fit into completely different interiors and delicately complements them.

Perforation in our projects

You can see our projects using perforation.

Perforated projects