Kyoko Ibe

Kyoko Ibe

Kyoko Ibe started her artistic creation using handmade paper at a time when the material was used exclusively for traditional Japanese arts and crafts. After completing a Masters degree at the Kyoto Institute of Technology in 1967, Ibe continued working with paper and has been invited to more than twenty countries for exhibitions, workshops, lectures, teaching, and as a jury member. Her work pushes the limits of paper, transforming a craft into an art form. She also creates large scale installations, a wide range of interior products, stage sets, and costumes. Ibe's radically new approach to paper combines a respect for tradition with technological experimentation. She has collaborated with many foreign theater groups, and received an Isadora Duncun Visual Design Award for the stage set of Tandy Beal Company in 1987. She recently had a solo exhibition at the Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois, where she was an adjunct professor. She has received many awards, nationally and internationally; and was selected to be a Cultural Ambassador in 2009 by the Agency of Cultural Affairs of Japan. She is a professor at the Kyoto Institute of Technology and a director for the Japan Paper Academy.


Awayuki – Melting Snow

Awayuki – Melting Snow is the new paper type for the quality products Banners, Panel-and Rollo Shade of Wood & Washi. The design was by the Japanese artist Kyoko Ibe and exclusively for Wood & Washi.

The broken cream-white colour of the Japanese paper creates a fascinating play of light around in a soft twilight and hult. Depending on the light ' dancing ' the Sun's rays through space. The harmonic soft form of melting snow flakes makes for a soothing, warm atmosphere.

Like all paper of Wood & Washi we use for Awayuki - Melting snow - original Japanese paper of the mulberry tree (' Washi '). The Washi is manually processed into our hand crafted curtains, according to individual wish

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