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Japanese paper art and Dutch Design

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In 1998, Wood & Washi started as pioneer in the Netherlands with the development of window covering based on Japanese paper. Innovation combined with craftsmanship, an eye for detail and a feel for Japanese aesthetics were the fertile breeding ground for Wood & Washi to develop from a locally active threesome into a professional organisation now catering for a growing demand from the Benelux countries, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Despite the rapid growth over recent years, innovation, custom-made design and service remain the keywords for Wood & Washi.


Wood & Washi is built on innovation. Research into existing Washi types and designing new ones in close cooperation with Japan are absolutely essential. Paper structure, ink types and watermark techniques are only a few aspects of the creation of new Washi patterns. Functionality, simplicity and the use of straightforward materials are the guiding principles in developing the systems

Custom made design

The systems, Washi types and rib layout, are mutually compatible. That enables the client to compose a unique product that meets with individual demands and variations in application.


Clear communication with the client is a prerequisite because of the flexibility of the product range. For that purpose the representatives of Wood & Washi have, over the years, built a high-quality dealer network. The qualified employees at the order departments and the craftsmanship in production ensure that the individual wishes of the client are satisfied to perfection

Foto: Da-mar, René Wolters.

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