Innovation in window coverings

Flow is a playful new window coverings system developed by the designers of Wood & Washi. It is the heart of the two colorful collections that Wood & Washi has introduced in 2012: Fields and Flowers.

The system Flow allows different cloths independently to move up and down. This creates a range of possibilities to coer or uncover a part of the window according to the wishes of the moment. By applying decorative counterweights made of stainless steel, the canvases of the Flow can be feather light to operate even also at large dimensions over the whole width of the window.

Flow Shades

System Flow - Shades Collection

System Flow - Shades Collection

Wood & Washi continues to break new ground when it comes to window decoration. The new "Flow" rail system developed by the Wood & Washi designers makes it possible to use different shades for sun and glare protection. The same shades can be moved upwards or downwards and adjusted independently. This innovative technology from Wood & Washi means you can choose to leave different parts of the window covered or uncovered, depending on the room situation and needs of the moment. It doesn't matter how wide the window is - the use of decorative stainless steel counterweights makes even the largest shades as light as a feather. "Flow" is available in minimalist Japanese paper (Washi) and three natural shades of transparent woven paper with a sumptuous tapestry border as part of the new "Flowers" and "Fields" collections.


With its new "Flowers" collection, Wood & Washi draws on the rich wealth of colour and shapes found in Burgundy. These styles see Wood & Washi venturing away from the clean lines and minimalist look found in Japanese interior design, in favour of woven tapestries and rich 19th century-style fabrics.

System Flow - Flowers Collection

System Flow - Flowers Collection

Textile designer Irene van Vliet created the floral pattern, which is available in seven fresh colours, exclusively for Wood & Washi. The fabric collection can be used as decorative border for the transparent woven paper used in the innovative "Flow" rail system. The matching decorative fabrics in tri-coloured jacquard make an ideal companion. The result is a modern and elegant combination of rich cavalry fabrics inspired by the Renaissance period. Subtle decorative fabrics from the Wood & Washi "Fields" series add a gentle finishing touch to the "Flowers" collection.


System Flow - Fields Collection

System Flow - Fields Collection

Subtly shaded borders made from high quality felt go to make up the new "Fields" collection from Wood & Washi. Top quality fine felts are produced for Wood & Washi in Switzerland. The calm shades and soft texture of the felts create an impression of fields fading into the distance. The "Fields" collection from Wood & Washi is available in 6 natural plain colours. "Fields" can be used as a border for woven paper as part of the new "Flow" window-shading system and is also available as a decorative fabric. Or you may like to combine "Fields" with the pretty "Flowers" collection from Wood & Washi.

System Flow - Fields Collection

System Flow - Fields Collection

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